As curators of conservative media and geopolitical history, AFTPAC is building a grassroots community of truth tellers and truth seekers dedicated to analyzing and sharing documented evidence, political memes, factual history, and investigative reports with their networks. As we recover from the 2020 Presidential election, our fundraising initiatives will:

  • Support alternative news media and content creators 
  • Distribute resources that educate Americans on government corruption
  • Promote American achievements through national campaigns

Americans of all ethnicities have more in common than we have differences. Preserving our liberties and values isn’t about skin color, gender, or age. It’s about retaining the freedom to pursue your own destiny without interference from an overreaching government.



Here are some ways you can help:

  • Tag us on your favorite conservative memes and posts.

  • Tell us which American-made businesses you support.

  • Share which issues matter most to you and your community.

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Slide GOD God instills a sense of morality in all of us. Without faith, we risk falling victim to an empty and meaningless life. Defending Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly is vital to maintaining the strength of our spiritual communities. FAMILY Proliferation of the family unit is imperative for a healthy society. We believe that life begins at conception, parents should have school choice, and children are much better served with two parents in the home. COUNTRY Americans have a lot more in common than they do differences. Regardless of a citizen’s race, gender, age, orientation or religion we all bleed the same red blood, enjoy the same Constitutional freedoms, and salute the same great American Flag! LIBERTY The US Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With each new generation, it is imperative to covet and defend our freedoms at all cost or risk losing them to a radical, Socialist agenda. Our Values Having the courage to defend our freedoms.


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