Without Free Speech there is No Debate. Without Debate there is No Freedom.

Alliance For Truth is the first SuperPAC to exclusively fund and promote Alternative News Media and Conservative messaging campaigns. 

Our goal is to offer the public a way to access and learn from censored and shadow-banned media using the following resources:

  • The Patriot Media Guide– a comprehensive media directory featuring conservative Influencers, Reporters, Outlets, and Movements
  • The Secret Media Vault– a censored YouTube video library, now showing Plandemic Indoctornation
  • Political IQ Puzzles– politically themed crossword, wordsearch, and jigsaw puzzles meant to boost your political knowledge
  • Curated Video Library- a breakdown of factual revelations that expose the Deep State’s agenda

We are here to counter censorship and unite the Truth movement.

Join our Alliance. SHARE these resources and SUPPORT alternative media.

The silent majority is SILENT NO MORE.


Slide THE MATRIX LIBRARY Media you need to see.


Expand your knowledge with our curated collection of censored media.

The Patriot Media Guide is a regularly-updated digital directory of conservative Journalists, Influencers, and platforms. 

The Secret Media Vault hosts a collection of controversial videos removed from YouTube.

Play various politically themed crossword, wordsearch, and jigsaw puzzles to Test Your Political IQ.

Slide Join the Alliance As long as liberals diminish our freedoms, none of us can truly rest.
It doesn’t take much to save a generation when we are all in it together.
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